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Cement pots for growing plants for export

Planting bonsai not only helps to purify the air, beautify the house, the process of taking care of any species of bonsai will help our soul relax and be comfortable with our passion. Besides, it is thanks to a peaceful mind that will help clear thinking, very well support our work and study process.

A beautiful ornamental plant species will be more honored and perfected when planted in a classy and worthy pot. Understanding this problem, the plant pot factory in Da Nang Nhut Hung always elaborates to ensure that the potted products are always the most perfect.

Besides the production and distribution process of potted plants in the country in general and potted plants in Da Nang in particular. In 2022, Nhut Hung bonsai pot factory has expanded its export scale to foreign markets, through packing goods in export containers.

Like the products of domestic planters, the products of Da Nang plant pots for export of Nhut Hung factory always satisfy domestic and international customers. To achieve such achievements, our workshop always upholds the carefulness and meticulousness in the production stages of plant pots at Nhut Hung factory.

In this article, Da Nang plant pot factory Nhut Hung would like to share information about exporting composite lightweight cement planters for export.

What is the export composite lightweight cement planter pot?

Composite lightweight cement planters for export are potted products that are molded according to molds. Materials for molding plant pots include lightweight cement combined with fiberglass.

The export composite lightweight cement planters are molded and manufactured according to available specifications and designs or you can order any model according to the size you choose.

The export composite light cement planter includes many colors such as white, black, blue, brown, yellow, red….

The export composite lightweight cement planter pots are packed according to the wooden pallet specifications, and are placed in the export container.

How much is the price list for the export of lightweight cement composite plant pots?

The price list for export composite lightweight cement planter pots depends on the order and the number of pots. For a specific quote, you can contact the hotline: 0933.284.182 – 0985.985.057 for the most specific advice.

Address of the factory and shop displaying planters of lightweight cement composite for export?

Official shop address: 149 Pham Hung (Pham Hung Crossroads with Ha Duy Phien, Cam Le District, Da Nang City)

Factory address: Located in the campus of Hoa Xuan Wastewater Treatment Station, Tran Nam Trung Street, Hoa Xuan, Cam Le, Da Nang

Phone number: 0933.284.182 – 0985.985.057